New customer suggestion reponse

This is the message I’ll be sending customers when we receive a suggestion

{{wonderful suggestion}}. We’ve created an entry with this idea for other providers/clients to upvote.  To get more traction for the suggestion, feel free to share this idea with your friends, coworkers and colleagues to garner their thoughts and opinions.  Each entry is read by our product team, who then looks at how many users commented and upvoted the suggestion — whereby, they decide what to design and build next.  To learn more about our product development cycle / process, click here.  Appreciate the time and feedback!

On the back-end, we’ll also need to have an update on the timeline of the project from our product team so that if the customer contacts us, we’ll be able to let them know where it fits into the pipeline.

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"One of the reasons I like tumblr and twitter is because I can say how I feel and not care how I am judged. My friends and family are not there — just the randomness of the world. Whomever discovers the guidelines I share and passions I have can read and whomever doesn’t want to read them, won’t. =)"

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"We share what we learn. For sharing knowledge is one of the greatest gifts we can give and get. It takes little to no effort, and we lessen the time it takes for others to learn and decrease the probability they will fall to the same mistakes we did. It’s not something to charge for, but something to freely hand out. I am a fan of the freedom of knowledge. But, that said, no one pays for knowledge. And that’s one of the reasons my nonprofit failed."

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Health 'Facts' You Only Thought You Knew

Myths and misinformation can range from the merely nonsensical to the downright dangerous. How well informed are you?

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Warren Buffitt and Jay Z interview on Forbes


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The Virtual Autopsy Table from Visualiseringscenter C on Vimeo.


The Virtual Autopsy Table

Have a look at the inside of a human being. In this installation, with the help of an easy to use multi touch interface, the user can freely interact with stunning volumetric 3D datasets of real scanned human bodies.

The datasets in this demo have been created with state of the art techniques within medical imaging; Dual Energy Computed Tomography. The data has been imported straight from the scanners and has not been edited or modified before rendering, what you see is not a 3D model, it’s a full volumetric description of a human body.The visualization techniques used in this table is already utilized successfully as a compliment to the conventional autopsy.

Apart from avoiding cutting in the body the medical experts, such as coroners, can see things that are difficult to discover in a conventional autopsy. Furthermore, the technique opens up for new opportunities in countries where autopsies are not accepted due to cultural reasons. The technique will revolutionize the traditional health care in many areas. The technique can also, for educational purposes, be used in education environments and in public institutions such as museums, Science and Technology centers.

The Virtual Autopsy Table is developed by Norrköping Visualization Centre in collaboration with CMIV ( installation is based on research results from CMIV, VITA at Linköping University, Sweden and Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine.

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"A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. The inverse proposition also appears to be true: A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be made to work. You have to start over, beginning with a working simple system."

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"If healthcare did not involve the extremely powerful motivator of people on the bottom really wanting to help other people, despite huge personal costs, it would have collapsed in a mass exodus of staff decades ago."

Wade, from an s4pm email thread

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